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I said I would share this story in the next open thread, and since no one else has posted one...

A few of you may have seen my personal experience with something weird in our home recently over on Jezebel. It was definitely some growing weirdness, and it was beginning to freak my wife and I out.


Yesterday morning at about 2AM it came to a head.

At 1:44AM, my wife sat up screaming in terror. This isn’t like her. She’s a fairly calm person, and not easy to scare. In fact, she is the one to rent a scary movie, or listen to ghost stories, not me.

Stormy’s bassinet is at the foot of our bed right now. We need to move him in with Little Brawl, but to do that, we need to buy LB a full sized bed, which we haven’t had the budget for quite yet. I’m glad we haven’t yet, because I have no idea what would have happened to my sweet little guy...

There was a dark figure standing over Stormy’s crib.

As soon as I looked at it, it rushed out of the room, and I swear I could see through it.


I almost chased it into the living room, but I realized that comforting Mrs. and Stormy was more important right then. I definitely got the feeling that the figure was lingering for a while, but it eventually left. When I finally worked up the courage to walk out and check on the house, sure enough, the front door was chained and deadbolted. It wasn’t a mortal intruder.

When we laid back down, Mrs. Brawl snuggled up to me, still scared, but not sure of what. She fell asleep first, and in her sleep she whispered something that chilled me to the bone.


“Please don’t take my baby. Please, no, don’t take him.”

Yesterday afternoon, I told Mrs. Brawl about what I saw, and it was very similar to what she thought she saw. We both agreed the changing table (see the original story) needed to go, and we needed someone from the church to come dedicate our home.


Mrs. Brawl called a local children’s consignment store, who said they would take it. Mrs. pulled it into the kitchen to dust it before we took it to the store. Little Brawl instantly ran to the couch, and started begging Mrs. to leave it alone.

“No mommy, come here. Come here mommy. Come snuggle me.”


She hurried, finished, and got it out onto the landing. LB quickly slammed the door and grabbed Mrs. and said “No, no, no, it’s scary.”


We got $35 for the changing table. I was willing to pay for a dollar’s worth of gasoline and a book of matches...

Have you ever encountered a ghost? What else is going on in your life?

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