I love cryptids, so this idea being planted by Artiofab (unintentionally?) is just fun for me. My favorite “sub-genre” of mythological creature/cryptid lore is the lake monster. The idea that something so huge is seen so often, yet never confirmed is just silly fun. I mean other mythological or cryptozoological animals there is (or was) a glimmer that they exist. Lake monsters, it’s just ridiculous. This is a 30 foot long beast trapped in a body of water surrounded by land on all sides, yet you can’t get a good photo or sonar read on it?

Ogopogo is a Canadian lake monster, reportedly from Okanagan Lake, BC. It’s been sighted multiple times since 1926, when 30 cars full of people claimed to have seen the same long dark shape moving through the water. Several photos of the beast have emerged, but they’ve been debunked as fallen timber and water fowl. Still, the legendary beast is a local celebrity, with songs, TV episodes and sports teams all incorporating imagery of the beast.


So what’s up with y’all today?

For the comic book minded, Marvel has a sale on Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers version), DC’s back to school sale is still going on, IDW has a sale on their recent titles, and Image has a sale of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillip’s collaborations. Go check them out!

ETA; Ooooh, kind of a big deal- Little Brawl started preschool today. This daddy got pretty verklempt as we were dropping him off. He’s so big now!