Talk what you want, do what you want, be what you want! Just don’t mess up the carpet or the landlord will get mad.

I just want to say to the person at Marvel who came up with this garbage of what Spider-Man “had” to be in the movies can go f*** him/herself! Though it really gives us some insight into why there are no solo Marvel films that don’t star white men.

I also found this delightful little comment about me on Gizmodo:

You should see her over at io9 and Observation Deck. She’s like their Rainman.

I have nothing to say to that but that I feel really sorry for the authors on Gizmodo. I can only imagine how they feel getting hundreds of those daily.


On happier news, who is getting Arkham Knight this week? I’ve got a Redhood edition pre-ordered from GAME.

I am also happy to find out that DBZ Resurrection F is getting released in the UK in August so we don’t have to wait the long time we usually do (:

Also, I am currently working on a draft zero of the first issue of my indie comic so that’s fun. Also, which one of these would you prefer to go to on a 7 day Holiday? Tokyo or San Diego Comic Con?


Sorry for being so random, I just had a lot of thoughts.