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Spooky Open Thread 4: Remember The Three Rules To Survive

Are you in a cabin in the woods? A suburban home? Or maybe in the middle of nowhere Texas? Whatever the case, in this Spooky Open Thread, there maybe a killer stalking you just out of vision. But please, talk about what you want.

Just little things on my end. Sold my Fallout 4 Pip Boy Pre-order, Watched Scream and finding out there were no electric eels in Europe.


Question of the day 1: Favourite Slasher and favourite Slasher film? Me, Michael Meyers and Halloween.

Question of the day 2: Do you prefer serious slasher films or silly ones. I personally like a mixture of both as long as it fits the character.

Question of the day 3: Do you think the slasher genre in done? I feel it needs to retire for a bit to get some new blood.

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