Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Open Thread - Saturday Gritty Balls Edition

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I am a grown ass man. I am an adult, and nothing says that like saying “I am an adult!” Also showing off the new toys your mom came to give you on the latest visit. So come admire my shiny gritty balls. Or show me your new swag. Or talk about whatever you want. It’s an open thread I guess.


So my mother went toy shopping for my nephew, who is a toddler who doesn’t admire the subtleties of action figures. Toddlers, am I right? So she did the sensible thing and bought toys for me. Someone who can really appreciate the solemnity of shiny gritty balls of the BvS variety. I am also very tired from giving 8 hours of lectures on Saturday, so I may or may not be a bit hazy.

Anyway these balls that you could get with a candy wrapper and $0.70 USD have the super power of becoming an actual ball by hiding the superhero body. They are cheap, and they are cool. Shiny gritty balls are cool now. OK they are hot balls since it is fucking hot right now. I have hot balls. Now talk!

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