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Open Thread: Spartans were messed up edition

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My brother is currently reading through the history of ancient Greece and was telling me what the life of a Spartan was actually like and Lilith was it messed up! I knew some of it like what happened to the children at age 12 (Not saying what in case I break O’Deck rules), but it’s shocking how these people existed for so long and how Nazi like they really were.


I was also surprised to learn that the Spartans that we know in pop culture thanks to works like 300 are not the same ones that appear in the Battle of Troy and works like Homer’s Odyssey. Those ones were in fact the original Spartans whose civilization collapsed during the Bronze Age. The ones in 300 are in fact and group of originally barbarians who decided to appropriate the destroyed civilizations culture, then promptly slaughtered or enslaved most of the people who were descendant from the original Spartans.

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