I survived my weekend in Boston (elevator pitch - it’s the guys from Stripes getting together for a reunion over 25 years later). Between rounds of drinking I actually saw a few of the sights.*

The guy who lives in the Boston area had his 50th birthday while we were there so on Saturday night we descended upon his neighborhood bar (along with his wife and family). We achieved our goal of drinking a bottle of crystal skull vodka** (the stuff Dan Aykroyd hawks). Our unofficial sigil back in the day was a skull and most of us have some sort of skull tattoo. Anyway, nothing was broken, no one was (seriously) hurt, and our final bar bill was large enough that I don’t think the bar owner will kick us out if we show our faces there again.

*Though from that spot in the top image you can’t actually see the North Church Tower anymore.


**In case you were wondering the birthday boy got to keep the bottle.

But enough about me. What have you been up to?