Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I bid you welcome to the open thread. It will be night soon, so please make yourself feel comfortable and talk about anything you want. I want to listen to you all, children of the night, what music you make.


I just found out the moviethon done by my wiccan friends every halloween are going to be doing a Vampire themed one this year (though so far they’ve only agreed on the 1979 Nosferatu and Son of Dracula) so I’m in a vampire mood today.

Questions of the day 1

What is your perfect Vampire? Do he/she burn in sunlight or not? Does the vampire drink blood, control the weather, a shape-shifter alive or dead and what not?


Myself, doesn’t burn in sunlight (but has weak skin), not undead but not technically living, drinks blood and eat most of the body. Human level intelligence, pale, uses weapons and are not super strong or have any supernatural powers.

Questions of the day 2

What is your favourite Vampire work, either film, novel, games, manga etc? My answer, Hellsing.

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