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Continuing with my theme of mythological/cryptozoological beings for open threads, I’d like to talk about about the Jersey Devil. This sucker terrified me as a kid on a level that no other being has. I remember once watching a TV show about it, then being terrified that it was going to burst through our glass back door while I sat in the family room watching TV.

The Jersey Devil has an interesting background, because it has origins where most don’t. Supposedly, it’s the deformed/demon-spawn 13th child of the Leeds family, born in 1735 (which would explain it’s seeming immortality). It was born normal, then transformed into the monstrosity we know- goat’s head, bat’s wings, forked tail and cloven hooves. It killed its mother’s midwife, then barreled out the home to terrorize the town. Five years later, a priest was able to banish the demon for 100 years (which actually morphed into about 150).


It’s popped up numerous times since its return in 1890, most notably during January of 1909. In the week of January 16 through 23, hundreds of reports of sightings and attacks flooded local newspapers and police. The reports and attacks actually prompted schools and businesses to close.

There have been many confirmed hoaxes involving the devil, but he still pops up every now and again.


So what’s going on? How’s everyone’s mid-week?

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