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One of the problems with stories is that it sometimes seems like all of them have already been written. And, in a way, ... kind of. Human language and mental capacities have limitations and so anyone writing something is probably going down a path that has already been followed, unless the writer is using a new language or is on some new drugs.

So your open thread challenge, if you wish to pursue it, is to mash together two intellectual properties to attempt to create something novel enough that the copyright police wouldn’t notice. Bonus points if you can throw in some really amazing Photoshop skillz.


The winner of today’s open thread challenge gets to bask in the glory of being the winner. A winner is you.

Top image made from the DVD box art for The Wizard and WereOffToSeeTheWizardbyJohnRomita565.jpg which I cannot find the original attribution for and that’s very much annoying me

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