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Open Thread (With Free Ice Cream)

I apologies to Brawl and Archnemesis, but I had to say this. Starting from today, I am no longer just regular old Duncan Scott any longer. From now on, I am Duncan Scott, Bachelor of the Arts with Honours! Bow down before me as I smite you with snooty remarks of French films and puff my cigar smoke at you! I AM OF GODS NOW!

But seriously, I got my results today and I passed my Degree with honours and as a bonus, found out I was accepted a place at my second choice University to get my Master’s degree. I’m currently celebrating with about 4 litres of Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream (my favourite flavour).


I am also happy to hear about the legallisation of gay marriage in the USA. I hope this will contribute is bisexuality being treated better in the media.

Talk about anything you want but do try and not make a mess of the floors.

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