Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Operation Dana

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Who wants to help a young queer woman get out of an abusive home and into a loving one? This is a plea for donations but absolutely not spam.


Dana (pictured above) and Anna are two of my very close friends- Anna is my best friend, as a matter of fact- but I'll let Taylor explain because she did it best on their petition.

I normally would never do this, but we're in a really hard situation right now.

That beautiful girl over there is Dana. She lives in Australia. Her mother is abusive towards her to the point of kicking her out with absolutely nowhere to go. Her friends live far away, so she has nowhere and no one. She has been talking about coming up here to live with me and our girlfriend (Anna) for quite some time now. Things have increasingly gotten worse as time has gone on, and we can't wait much longer. If we can get her here, she'll be guaranteed complete safety and support.

We're doing what we can to get her here, but we don't have enough. $1700 is the cost of the plane ticket to get here, along with start out costs. It would mean the world to all involved if you could even donate $5. Thank you so much.


Once again, here is the link. Please consider donating. Even a little will help.

Edited for clarification: Dana is in fact her real name.


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