Announced earlier today, the possible cast of the Teen Titans Live-Action Series was likely revealed by The Nerdist. As such, many of us fans likely have opinions on the choices.


Nightwing: Nightwing is a obvious choice though I was surprised as for some reason I kept thinking it was going to be Tim Drake.


Starfire: Starfire is my favourite superhero behind Cassandra Cain and Spawn so I'm glad to see her be part of it. Hopefully they don't hyper sexualize like they did in the New52 or when bad writers get to work on her comics.

Raven: Another good choice. I wonder if like in the New Teen Titans, she will be the one that will bring the team together?

Oracle: Someone I did not expect at all but that isn't a bad thing. Oracle is a great character and it is great to see her on the show. It also means that the role for Batgirl is open for someone else to claim and personally, I would love to see Cassandra Cain to be the live action Batgirl.

Hawk & Dove: I don't know much about these two apart from the basics so I am not going to make a judgement call on them. They were unexpected I'll give them that but that doesn't mean it's bad.


I actually glad they didn't just go with the animated Titan's team because other members do deserve to be recognized as well and it will help to make the show be unique. That doesn't mean I don't think it should not be inspired from it or take ideas, I just think it should be its own thing first.

I would have like to have some others like Beast Boy, Wonder Girl (Sandsmark version), Jesse Quick (though not surprising given that I don't think they wanted two main speedsters on the shows) and Blue Bettle to be on the roster. But if we are are lucky, they will appear on the show at a later point.


I also have a sneaky suspicion that characters like Beast Boy, Kid Devil and Cyborg are not in the main cast is because of budget issues (another good reason why animation is better then live-action because you don't have these problems).

Lastly, for the love of god, please don't put Nightwing, Starfire and Oracle in a love triangle please?