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Order 1886: live (and die) in a movie...

So... have you ever wanted to get inside a movie? My first impression was just that... that I had been dunked in a period steampunk drama. I think its definitely going to be a marmite game.

I played about 12mins of the game (we werent allowed to take pics/videos but I found this youtube vid of pretty much the demo bit I played.

Graphics: For the most part, its absolutely stunning. The design of the world and people is a feast for the eyes and its sharp, colourful and glass smooth as it moves. The only part that made me even frown a little was the faces of some of the people were a little rough. I muist point out that this is relative; even the 'bad' faces were pretty top quality stuff for a game, its just that you could see one or two lacks the same attention as the main cast. Whether this is jst because of the alpha/demo, is anyones guess. Didn't really detract at all though unless you're looking for it.


Gameplay: oooh boy. I found it really different from anything else I had played but at the same time very familiar. Its pure Gears of War style cover-shooting. You stay out in the open too long and you're dead meat. If you want to run and gun, put it on easy... I cant quite put my finger on why it felt different/odd except to say it goes back to my description of being in a movie. It felt like playing a quick-time event but without having to hit specific buttons... its a very intimate style of gameplay.

Yes, I think 'intimate' fits well. The camera is tight over the shoulder and its all very cinematic. The only game I've played in recent memory that feels like this is Ryse: Son of Rome but I should stress, whilst Order does have QTEs, it seems to be a shooter foremost.

Shooting was visceral with a pleasant feeling to the guns but aiming also felt a little sloppy/loose (also realistic, I suppose). No 180noscopekillahz here...

The only point about combat i found lightly annoying was the hand-to-hand combat... he seemed to have only one or two moves depending on the situation. I found myself face to face with a guy more than once and he pulled the same series of strikes everytime. Tiny thing but i felt the twinge of disappointment almost immediately. I hope it changes it up as the environment changes in the game.


Story: Obviously, I couldnt get deep into it from a mere 12 minutes but it presented intriguing ideas and frankly, the way the gameplay is presented, I found myself flashing back to Bioshock: Infinite in some respects. It immediately felt like a rich, deep world crying out to be explored.

Conclusion: I'm buying it fa'sure. Its just an amazing looking game. I wish I had more time with it but the 12 minutes with it sold me on it. Can't tell you whether its a keeper; I suspect its going to be pure marmite. The story might be lacklustre and only worth a single playthrough followed by a trade but the taste I had has been enough to convince me that its a beautiful looking, solid game that I can play whilst everyone else grabs a bowl of popcorn and watches, whilst pointing out everything i'm doing wrong.

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