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Okay, so in a recent interview, the screenwriter for Demolition Man states that he got the idea for the 3 Sea Shells when he was having a conversation on the toilet and their was a seashell arrangement beside him. I've been reading around and everyone seems to accept this and its weirding me out.


Here in the UK, there was/is a brand of toilets called Dudley Tri-Shells. They used to be pretty exclusive and everyone had one although not so much these days.

I've always assumed he just saw the badge on a toilet one day and ran with it.

I've got no real beef with its supposed real origins (i've seen similar toilet decorations, after all) but assuming his version is true, the co-incidence is freaking me out a little bit.

I thought everyone had made this connection.

EDIT: my knowledge of toilets is not that great, honest. I just know this one thing about them.

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