The CW Flash’s Twitter feed announced earlier that CW Seed (the same site that will have the animated Vixen series, premiering Auguest 25th) has made the entire 90s Flash series (starring current “Henry Allen” actor John Wesley Shipp as the previous “Barry Allen”) available for viewing!

If nothing else, you should at least check out the Tricker episodes with Mark Hamill since he’s sort of playing the same character in the new series. But they also have a Mr. Freeze Captain Cold (I have brought shame upon my household with this mistake) episode, an “evil twin” episode, a time travel episode, and lots of other fun stuff. And every episode features Tina McGee, played by the same Amanda Pays who played her in the new series!

You can watch from your PC, or get the app for your Android or iPhone/Pad.

Note: The Flash is “the fastest man alive” and not to be confused with Flash Gordon, the savior of the universe (ah aaahh).