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Original Sin #5 Solves One Mystery, While Others Remain

So. The identity of a killer has been revealed. Whether or not he killed the Watcher remains to be seen, (I assume nothing) but the whole chapter made a grand exposé / backstory for our killer. It was every bit as good as its predecessors, albeit a shift in gears. Spoilers below.

*clears throat* BOOM. CALLED IT.

Uh, now that that's out of my system, let's look at what we've actually learned. The issue fills its 'cosmic stakes violence' quota in the first five pages. Back in the day, Fury watched a government spook in a jetpack take out a planetary threat, dying in the process. (Think a solitary Man In Black, in a Flash Gordon getup.) Fury's sharp enough to pick up on the guy's MO straight away, when Howard Stark shows up. Holy crap. Hi, Iron Man's dad!


Woodrow McCord's demise leaves a dreadful vacancy— there must always be a "Man on the Wall", someone eliminating planetary threats before they ever arrive on the Avenger's radar.

We're shown some of Fury's greatest hits, as he refines his technique, upgrades his arsenal, developing those ominous green bullets of his, and so on.

There's also a touching moment where he's got that high-powered rifle trained on the Amazing Spider-Man (years ago), and Fury gives him a pass. He wants to see if Spidey can "turn into something special."


So yeah. What Fury's done was... awful, but apparently necessary. With the exception of the Watcher, all his kills were justified to protect the Earth, since "not every job is for Captain America." He's kept himself to the job, not (apparently) abusing his power.


He spills his guts to Ant Man, Dr. Strange, Emma Frost, the Punisher, and the Orb. (Hi, the Orb! Hi!) I'm willing to bet serious money that at least part of his motive is to find his successor, and I believe it's gonna be Frank Castle.

What do you guys think?

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