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Original Sin #6 Paves The Way For Action And Revelations (Spoilers)

With the cat largely out of the bag, it falls to the man behind the mission to divulge why he sent Marvel's best and brightest halfway across creation to solve a mystery of his own making. (Spoilers follow.)

As predicted, the assassin of some of the galaxy's vilest threats is seeking a successor. Nick Fury's time is running out. The so-called Infinity Serum in Fury's veins isn't so infinite. In fact, it's plum run out. Now he's got a few days of life left, if that.


He wants someone to pick up where he left off. However, unlike Willy Wonka's own pool of hopefuls, none of these guys want the job. (Except maybe Punisher. He's rather tight-lipped, this chapter.) Fury continues to tiptoe around whether or not he physically killed the Watcher, but given the stink-eye they aim at each other, there's no love lost here.

Behold: Uatu Stink-Eye.

It's not like Nick Fury to pussyfoot around a direct answer. Did he kill the Watcher or not? My money's on yes: His bullet was found in Uatu's head, plus he's got the Watcher's remaining eyeball. That's pretty damning evidence.


Still, this is an 'event' miniseries, involving players coming at things from different angles. Case in point, Dr. Midas and Exterminatrix (still reigning champion for best villainess name ever) hired a boat to ferry them out to the middle of the ocean.


The captain foolishly took Doc Midas at his word, setting himself up for a 24K disappointment. Get it? He turned him into gold. That's his schtick.

Anyway. Midas and Exterminatrix rendezvous with his spaceship, off for points lunar and beyond.


They're not the only ones after answers and eyeballs, however. Iron Man, Cap, Black Widow, and Wolverine have the beheaded LMD left behind by the Winter Soldier, and track its self-destruct signal to Fury's orbiting satellite. He's about to have company. Assembled company, if you get my drift.

Elder!Fury strikes up a diversion long enough to give himself time alone with the Orb. (Hi, the Orb!) They have a heart to heart about cracking open Uatu's peepers to get at those tasty, tasty secrets the Watcher watched.


The Avengers show up in force, while Crotchety!Fury has put on a battle-suit to kick ass and reveal secrets. The last panel has him standing with not one, but two massive glowing eyeballs, ready to spill their eye-guts.


After the crazy madcap pacing we've had through previous chapters, #6 feels more like a bridge to what's next, vs. anything of consequence on its own. We know Fury's behind some shady things, we know he's looking for a successor— but we could've guessed that last month. Hell, we did.

The Avengers' arrival will result in more fantastic fisticuffs in chapter #7, but any super-fighting that took place in this issue was merely a bid for time, in and out of story. It didn't accomplish anything. I get that it's sometimes necessary, they've got two more chapters to produce, and they can't all be action-packed plot-stravaganzas. What the comic did accomplish was to make me eager to see the next one. So mission accomplished.


What do you guys think?

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