Casey Jones

Original Sin has been one of the strongest 'event' comics Marvel's put out in a while now. Event comics are a chance to shake up the status quo and throw longstanding characters for a loop. It's one of the perks. In that regard (and others), Original Sin doesn't disappoint. (Spoilers below.)

So a few days ago in comic-time, Exterminatrix, Dr. Midas, a Mindless One and The Orb (Hi, The Orb!) arrive on the moon. Led by their dreams, the quartet walk in to Uatu's palace unhindered. (If the doors have a retina-lock, apparently all thats' required is a massive eyeball. The Orb's head does just fine.) They come across the Watcher in quick order, and Doc Midas blasts him at point-blank range. Cue the massive explosion. (I'm convinced more than ever that Jason Aaron's a fan of Agatha Christie mysteries. More on that in a bit.)

In the present, our assembled heroes are fighting with Nick Fury— and he's doing a fine job of holding them all off at once. Captain America gets up close and personal, long enough for Fury to state loud and clear that he's not sorry for any of it. It's beautifully framed against the world at large, a popular visual to represent the stakes.


Then Cap calls on Thor.

While the Norse God of Thunder gets crackin', Cap rightly accuses Fury of manipulating events from the start. Elsewhere, a group consisting of Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, Black Panther, the Winter Soldier and more are wondering what the hell they're going to do. The Orb suggests murder, because of course he does.

In the thick of battle, Fury whispers a secret in Thor's ear... and that's it for the Thunder God. He falls to the surface of the moon, having dropped Mjolnir. Which he can't pick up. In the space of a single page, Thor's no longer worthy.


Obviously, with the pending arrival of Lady!Thor, we knew Thor was going to lose his worth. The question was how. The answer is, with a whisper.

Cut to the moon, flashback style. The Orb shot the Watcher's eye out. (One of 'em, anyway.) Nick Fury arrives in his flying car, presumably to finish the job. Overhead, a septet of other Watchers... watch.

As I said, I'm convinced Jason Aaron is a fan of Agatha Christie. The killer is secretly leading the investigative party? A murder with two separate murderers... this is pure Christie. We're one chapter away from the end, where we'll hopefully get all the answers.


I hope to see you there.


Casey Jones is a writer and VO artist. None of his murder scenarios have involved eyeballs. Yet.