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'Original Sin' Sets Up A Labyrinth, Then Smashes Through It [Spoilers]

My hat is off to the creative team of Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato. If you needed any more evidence that Marvel was totally on point over DC, they've taken the concept of the 'Event' Miniseries Mystery... and completely turned it on its head. I love it when comics throw genuine surprises our way. Hot damn! [Spoilers follow.]

I confess— I suspected Nick Fury was behind the Watcher's death. There were a number of hints in the first issue that suggested his involvement. Then this issue happened.

The 'diverse' (read: completely bonkers) selection of heroes tapped to take part in the investigation begins to demonstrate why they were tapped.


Turns out that the Watcher's murder is just the tip of the iceberg. Someone has been killing creatures of vast size and power for ages now... and burying the bodies deep below the earth's crust. That's one way to dispose of evidence...

Nick Fury oversees the investigation, high over Manhattan, when a cuckoo not-so-Mindless One smashes out of a skyscraper, onto his flying car. He sacrifices his beloved 'Bettie'. The Mindless One is merely incapacitated, somewhere in the East River.

The resident geniuses, Dr. Banner and Tony Stark continue collating data, as it flows in. (It's a minor sticking point that Dr. Banner is concurrently having severe brain-damage issues out in the midwest, but that's comic book continuity for you.)

Doc Strange and the Punisher trade snarky remarks, but both prove valuable in investigating the death of "a beast king of the ancient world". Strange tries to divine a spell to reveal how the thing died... Castle just reaches into the monster's entry wound and pulls out a colossal green-glowing bullet.


The stakes continue to rise as every hero in New York converges on the bad guys' hideout. Considering the massive energy output of their remaining Mindless Ones, they weren't hard to find. So now you've got a dozen Mindless Ones and some terror of a woman named Exterminatrix lunging at you, eye-slots and guns blazing.

This is how you do comics. You jump balls first into action. Skip beats you don't need. Get to the larger-than-life action ASAP. And then reveal the bad guy at a point in the story where you normally are still just gaining speed. Holy crap, this comic.


The riddles aren't finished, yet. They can't be. It's only the 2nd chapter. It's unclear where the bad guy picked up Dr. Midas, or what the hell is wrong with him. As what looks like a militant ex-member of The Residents, the Orb says he's not the murderer they're looking for.

There's a whirlwind of misdirection going on here, and I cannot freakin' wait for the next chapter. So go grab it while it's on shelves. I have the feeling it won't be there very long.


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