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Original Sin's Crazy Whirlwind Continues

One thing that must be said about Original Sin: It's not boring. The frenetic pacing that's been pulling us along every page so far continues... through confusion, butting heads, insensate babbling from a talking eyeball... y'know, the usual. (Spoilers below.)

When last we left our heroes, anti-heroes, wizards, and cybernetic-former-sidekicks-turned-awesome-vigilantes, the Winter Soldier had just shot and decapitated Nick Fury. Yeesh.


The Punisher and Doctor Strange (two names I still reel at using in the same sentence) still stand atop the remains of a cosmic kill-shot. They're beginning to see the strings on which they dance: namely, the fact that they (and every other investigator in their large party) have been given the exact coordinates to find their crime scenes. Which begs the question: If this was all a huge secret, why was it so easy to find??

Ask Bucky, on the moon, doing the solar system's worst ever rendition of Hamlet.

He's off like a man on a mission, while another crack-pairing (T'Challa, Ant Man, and Emma Frost) work their way from the center of the earth to... well, space.


Not far behind, Wolverine and Hulk arrive at the scene of Fury's slaughter, as Punisher and Doc Strange materialize. After a few pithy action one-liners and Punisher blasts Hulk out of the building, Strange finds the Orb— satisfying the issue's quota for bizarre eyeball-for-a-head lunatics.

Our disparate threads come together neatly on a satellite 200 miles over the planet Earth, that is completely unregistered. It's a phantom. T'Challa, Ant Man, Frost, Strange, Punisher, Bucky, Gamora, and Rocket Raccoon arrive and get into a scrap, and (I never thought I would write this) Bucky clubs Gamora in the face with Nick Fury's head. This is a thing that happens.


All weirdness aside— scratch that. The weirdness is kind of the point. Everything that's happened post-Uatu's murder has been a distraction of one kind or another. Every bitty bit. And the weirdness keeps on coming.


Weirdness like Punisher and Rocket Raccoon getting into a, uh, Barrel-measuring standoff. Gamora and Emma Frost come to blows. Ant Man and Doc Strange just stand off to the side, letting cooler heads prevail. The fight continues, before Gamora slices straight through Fury's cudgeled head... sending sparks flying.

It's an LMD, or Life Model Decoy. The Fury they've all been taking orders from is a puppet... for the real Nick Fury, who's apparently aged in real time. Talk about jaw droppers.


So. The non-stop bullet train to weirdsville presses on. I can't help but feel like the sheer tonnage of strange goings-on is meant to distract the reader from the underlying thread that yes, it appears that Nick Fury's behind it all. If this issue confirms that T'Challa was indeed talking to Fury in issue one, then it was Fury handling the green glowing bullets responsible for all the cosmic kill-shots we've seen since.


There are distracting things (pointed out by a friend of mine), namely the sheer number of times folks say they "never liked" Bucky. Is that really the case? Really? Cause Bucky's got his head on straight, far as I can tell.

The pacing throughout has been ca-razy fast. The artwork from Mike Deodato and Frank Martin remains grim and wholly appropriate to the themes going on.


What do you all think?

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