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Orphan Black First Impressions

So BBC America just aired its new show Orphan Black. I was cautiously optimistic about the show and pleasantly surprised that it drew me in as much as it did. Spoilers ahead.

Like Charlie Jane wrote in her preview, Sarah and the suicidal Beth are both troubled. Sarah’s issues are straightforward (on the run from drug dealer, bad parent) but I’m intrigued by Beth’s story. Was she suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, or acid reflux? Where did she get the large chunk of cash in the bank and the money for that car from? Who is the scientist friend? Is her partner just nosy or does he have his own agenda?


And we haven’t even really got to the larger conspiracy yet. In the last few minutes we got the Conspiracy Thriller Introduction Scene – meeting the mysterious stranger who dies after some cryptic remarks.

I can’t wait for next week.

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