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Orphan Black Says Thanks With Hilarious Season Two Spoilers

The entire team* behind Orphan Black is expressing their gratitude on Twitter today for all of the #CloneClub fan support over the last season. The photos and love notes are all adorable, but the very best comes from Mackenzie Donaldson, the assistant to the show's executive producers.

Donaldson released a tongue-in-cheek storyboard for all ten episodes of season two:


Some of the best plot points:

• Vic loses penis in medieval torture device
• Sara battles Mrs. S. in a lightsaber fight for her soul
• Delphine takes the iron throne, now Cosima's "puppet"

The one I wish would come true with all my heart is the clones host an episode of Saturday Night Live. Allison would finally get to show off her acting chops to the rest of the world.

So, what ridiculously crazy storyline would you love to see happen?

*Seriously, even the on set tutor is saying thanks.

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