Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Orphan Black's latest episode

Was pretty crazy all right. Any others catch it?

A lot of development in just four episodes and seems like the next one will shed more light on why Beth committed suicide, the clone conspiracy, and whether Paul and Soccer Mom's husband are in on it.

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Thoughts on Episode 4:

  • I can't stand Art's constantly getting into Sarah!Beth's business. 'I thought you and Paul were calling it quits? Why are you lying to me?!" Mind your damn business, Art.
  • Allison/Soccer Mom seemed surprised that Sarah had a biological daughter. I guess I was wrong on her children being her own since they're adopted. I'm assuming this is why Sarah is so special. But does this mean she's the original or simply the only clone who ended up fertile?
  • Loved Allison impersonating Sarah. Shades of Fauxlivia's vagenda came to mind.
  • Tatiana Maslany has been nailing the different roles she's given. Soccer Mom, CSI!Hippie, Beth, Sarah, Russian, Shakira... she's done great with every version of the clones.

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