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Oscar Nomination Thoughts?

The Oscars just announced the nominations for this years Academy Awards. What did you think? Agree? Disagree? Think, "Christ how bad of a hangover did Chris Pine have! Dude stay off the blood wine!"

Edit: Link for people who didn't see it:



  • No Voice acting or stunt acting awards yet? Shame considering the great work we've had from both this year.
  • Thank God Edge Of Tomorrow didn't get nominated for anything, I want that white washing bore fest forgotten.
  • Out of the best films, Birdman is the best choice in my opinion, a lot of the others I've seen are either bland or average at best.
  • The Lego Movie didn't get nominated in best animated feature? Also sad to see no animated films are up for the best picture?
  • The Production Design and Make up nominees were jokes in my opinion, none really deserving or did anything groundbreaking.
  • Over all opinion, Meh

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