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Today it was announced that Jared Leto was probably going to portray Morbius in a Morbius, the Living Vampire movie by Sony. Add to this the fact that Sony is also probably making a Silk movie and it’s understood that Sony probably wants to milk the Spider-Verse for all of the Spider-Man adjacent characters it can. So, hey, here are some ideas.


The Scarlet Spider

Evil scientist Miles Warren (Cillian Murphy) tries to clone Spider-Man (guest star Tom Holland), but instead ends up with a defective clone named Kaine (Alex Lawther). When Warren decides to unleash a plague that will cause the end of the world, will Kaine decide to fight on the side of good or join the side of evil?

Kraven the Hunter

Sergei Kravinoff (Joel Edgerton) is one of the most accomplished hunters in all of the world, but when his wife and daughter are kidnapped by an evil corporation, he is blackmailed into doing the bidding of Spencer Smythe (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). Can Kraven find his wife and child in time or will he be forced into being one of Smythe’s Slayers?



Long ago, there was a Native American prophecy about the end of the world. One tribe used mysticism and cutting edge genetics to breed a man who could stop the prophecy: Thomas Fireheart (Taylor Lautner). But what is the real threat to the world and can even the Puma stop it?


(Yes, this is a real character and yes, you can start singing the Pumaman song now. Pumaman, he flies like a moron! He has the power to rear project major cities!)


Rocket Racer

Robert Farrell (John Boyega) grew up on the hard streets of Brooklyn and had to turn to a life of crime to support his family. When he’s convinced by Spencer Smythe (guest star Jonathan Rhys Meyers) to put on a special suit with roller skates, Robert becomes the Rocket Racer. But when corrupt businessman Jackson “Big Wheel” Weele (Michael Kelly Jr.) decides to tear down Robert’s neighborhood and kill anyone who gets in his way, Robert decides to go from crime to crime fighting.



Spencer Smythe (guest star Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and Miles Warren (guest star Cillian Murphy) have tried to recreate Spider-Man through technology and cloning, but nothing works. When a group of teenagers accidentally come across some powerful suits created by Smythe and Warren, they will become the Slingers: Dusk (Florence Pugh), Hornet (Josh O’Connor), Prodigy (Timothee Chalamet), and Ricochet (Lucas Hedges). But can these teens survive being superheroes and can they stop Smythe and Warren together?


So what do you guys think?

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