Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

As of this morning it has been announced that the other half of the Wachowski siblings has also come out as trans. Lilly, formerly identified as Andy, announced the change a few hours ago, after apparently being threatened with being outed by well-known “Anti-Everything not White Middle-Class Male” rag The Daily Mail.

This situation obviously shows the darkside of an industry that is still incredibly conservative in its makeup but at least gives the glimmer of hope that things are changing, if at a glacial pace.


As most will be aware that Lilly’s older sibling also transitioned many years ago, now known as Lana, and faced similar issues and rumours surrounding her transition in the mid 2000s to those now faced by Lilly, clearly demonstrating the problems society has as a whole when it comes to accepting non-traditional gender or sexual orientations.

At least for now we can at least wonder if they’ll be called ‘The Wachowski Sisters’.

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