Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I got Groupthink posting privileges! Why am I posting about it here you say? Cause it got me thinking. When I mentioned it to Chrono he said, I am paraphrasing here:

Oh don't leave us great and mighty Nicole! Your beauty is only matched by your wisdom! We shall miss your terrible Wrath!


But I don't want to jumpship from one subforum to another. While I may frequent GT more I like O-Deck as my home. What do I like about this place? It is like a small town/village! Life here is a bit slower and simpler and you know most everyone. Sure there are some dark horrifying secrets lurking about but we don't talk about those. Groupthink is a larger town that has more bustle and more people. And of course the mainpages are the cities.

So if we are a village/small town what are our roles?

LizTaylorsEarrings: Town Planner/Mayor.

Mythbri: Animal Control/Park Ranger?

Dr Emilio Lizardo: Town doctor of course but also moonlights as local pub owner.

Quasi Hatrack: Local Paper Editor?

99TelepodProblems: Local Entertainment reporter

Ghost in the Machine: Local Science Teacher/Scientist

Me: Weird cat lady who writes occasional opinion article that gets people annoyed!

Everyone Whether They Post or Just Comment: People who like to go to Town Meetings and say ridiculous stuff!

No offense intended and these are hard so I didn't come up with ones for more people, sorry. Feel free to come up with your own! Or don't cause this was dumb?

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