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When we started this March Madness competition, we had no idea how amazing it would be. With the hundreds of character submissions and thousands of votes each round, we found it difficult to narrow down the options session by session – and our audience clearly had the same heartbreak while voting. Time and again a game would end with one character just barely overcoming the odds and defeating her opponent before moving on to the next round. We've had upsets and epic rivalries and more sudden-death tie-breakers than I thought possible.


Still, it is time to wrap this wonderful project up. This Wednesday (5/7) we will tally the votes to determine who the Final Four will be. On Friday (5/9) we'll announce our two surviving finalist, and we'll hopefully have our ultimate champion announced by Mother's Day!

But before we can get there, it's time to narrow down the field yet again. So let's examine what happened last round to get us to our Elite Eight! All the reasoning below is purely hypothetical. We encourage you to scream your own opinions in the comments....

Read the results and vote for the next round here!

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