Maybe it's Caturday, but you just can't say no when an elephant demands attention. If you want cats, check out Leopards in Trees. Or just click the "Africa" tag and all the posts will come up.

So, Kinja willing, here are some pictures I took of Elephants in Africa.

Can't go wrong with juveniles. Here's one nursing.

And another.

And here's one eating.


We got really close. How close? The pic above and the pic below have a 24mm focal length. Remember, my Nikon D50 has a DX sensor, so that's like a 36mm lens on a full size sensor. Still, close enough that I needed a wide angle lens and the guide had to remind us not to touch.

In the lower right hand corner you can see the bottom of the window frame on the jeep. It was the closest I got to any animal on the whole trip. This animal was literally within arms reach. So I took some extreme closeups which show off the texture of its skin.


They are herd animals of course. It is easy to get several in the same shot.


You find them all over.


Here's one more.

Any more and I might break Kinja, so I will have to do another elephant post in the future.