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The latest in an increasingly more occasional series showing my pictures from our Africa trip last summer. The last post involved predators, so we are back to prey today. Or click on the Africa tag to find all the posts.

We were not in Africa at the right time to see the migration when millions of Zebra, Wildebeest and other animals move from Kenya to Tanzania.


But it was about to start. The animals were gathering together and thinking about crossing the Mara River, which they must do. We only saw one brave (foolhardy?) zebra give it a try.

It is a dangerous time and usually they rely on numbers to ensure their safety. Predators know they are coming and tend to wait for food to come to them. This zebra decided to go it alone. Maybe he felt safe because he knew crocs would steer clear of that hippo.


Maybe he just knows that crocs are ambush predators so if he can see them, he's safe?


That's still a little closer than I want to get to a fifteen foot, one ton predator.


He made it OK and even found a friend on the other side.

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