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Out of Sight, Out of Mind - A Horror Story

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It’s October and that means its the best time of the year for horror stories. Then again, any time of the year is good for a scare. You can find these frightening tales in books, movies, comics, and online. One creator who I’ve come to know is Aries, an artist who creates short story horror videos.


Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A troubled FBI agent self medicates to deal with the endless job of chasing murderers. The booze, however, seems to have a dark side effect: Haunting dreams. As the dreams worsen, he is called to investigate the latest killing in a string of grisly murders with a likely connection, but the more he and his conspiracy-theorist partner delve into the case, the less he’ll want to learn about the killer.

Each video is the fully realized effort of one person. Aries writes each story, is the voice actor for each character with sound effects, the photography is her’s (unless stated otherwise), so I talked to her about her creative process. Give it a listen after the interview, you won’t be sorry...


DeapGreanDream: What do you call this story telling medium? Are the stories you tell your originals? What prompted you to create these “videos”?


Aries: 1) What do you mean? 2) The stories that say “original horror story” in the title are my own and then so are the paranormal storytimes. 3) I’ve always been fascinated with horror and the macabre genre, so I decided to start writing in that style. I started off as a poet.

DGD: My first question is direct at the type of story you present. It’s a kind of hybrid of those old radio shows that would tell stories like these and other genres as well, but you add photos and sound effects and put them out via YouTube. So my question is whether there is a name for this type of story?


Aries: I’m not totally sure. People in the community just call fiction stories “creepypasta”, but I just call them short horror stories.

DGD: Back to the first question: I don’t see this as creepypasta content since it’s not a story present in text form online. Each of your pieces are narrated by you. Your voice and the video presentation separates this from the creepypasta story form. Would you agree?


Aries: Well, not really since I do write them out and post them some places (laughs). I don’t know what else I’d call it other than a short horror story.

DGD: Is the photography your own?

Aries: Some of them. In the description of my videos I list which pieces are copyrighted by me.


DGD: Why are you fascinated with the macabre and horror? How far does your interest/ love go back?

Aries: Probably because I had paranormal experiences when I was younger so spooky things have always been around me. I like horror mostly because of the psychological thrill to it. I’m not that into straight slashers or pure gore, I like the twist that makes you think.


DGD: You bring up something that is the impetus of your creativity. So what was your paranormal experience?

Aries: I’ve had plenty. You’ll have to stay tuned to my channel to hear.

DGD: What scares you? What kind of fears drive your creativity?

Aries: People scare me (laughs) that’s why I mainly write about them and not paranormal things. People can be so messed up and it’s fascinating, but also terrifying.


DGD: Yes. The real monster doesn’t have horns or a disfigured face, and his actions are the stuff of nightmares. Is there a person in history who scares you?

Aries: Hmm... The one person who’s always given me the heebie-jeebies is Ted Bundy because he was smart which made him scarier.


DGD: He knew how to socialize, blend in with the people around him. That’s very disconcerting. What is it about serial killers that captivates people? Is it the danger? The mysterious darkness of these individuals?

Aries: The psychology of them. For people with empathy, we’re intrigued what makes them the way they are.


DGD: “For people with empathy, we’re intrigued by what makes them the way they are.” Can you elaborate on this perspective?

Aries: How they can be so “heartless”. Doesn’t make sense to most. What went wrong in their mind that allows them to hurt and kill people and why do they think they have the right to do so?


DGD: How long does it take you to write a story? How long does it take you to create the accompanying video?

Aries: Depends on my mood and if I’m feeling creative. Sometimes I can get a final draft done in two days, other times I can have writers block and it takes weeks. The videos take a bit of time trying to find every piece and edit it together. Probably about 3 days, not continuous, though (laughs).


DGD: How long have you been writing?

Aries: Ummm... Ever since I was little. Probably as soon as I learned to write. I still have my old stories from my childhood.


DGD: Are those early stories an influence on your writing/ creativity today?

Aries: Not really, I wasn’t writing horror stories as a kid (laughs). But I have always seen life through a writers eye, I guess. In my teens I really got into poetry and was published by 17. I have an anthology of poems I’m trying to add to and hopefully have them released some day.


DGD: Are these poems in the horror genre? Are you looking to self publish the stories?

Aries: No, I’ve never written horror poems and I haven’t thought that far ahead yet (laughs)!


DGD: How long have you been voice acting? Were you schooled at this?

Aries: No, I just started when I started my channel this summer (laughs).

DGD: That’s great. Kudos for you’re initiative. You have the voice.

Aries: Thanks! I appreciate it.

Full Disclosure: Aries and I follow each other on Twitter.

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