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Outfest Streaming LGBT Films for Free

Outfest LA is offering free streaming of 50 documentaries, feature films, and shorts curated from this year’s festival and festivals past. I’ve pulled out six shorts film that have a speculative fiction bent to their queer narratives (1). There is a catch, in that you must sign-up with Outfest online in order to stream these films (2,3). You can stream online from your browser or through an app in the Google Play store. As of this writing, the website says that an app for Ipads is coming soon.

I haven’t watched any of these films yet, but wanted to share here as I thought there may be interest among Odeckers. I “deciphered” that they fall under speculative fiction based on their descriptions and/or jumping around the actual video to verify that it had elements of speculative fiction. There may be others in the 50 films that I missed, if you find one then please share it in the comments!

UPDATE: I’m watching them now and adding my commentary for each in the comments.


The Story of Red Rose (short, 23 mins)

Inspired by the fairy tales of Oscar Wilde, The Story of the Red Rose follows Sirah, an intersex creature set apart from her peers because her voice is hauntingly different, on a quest for a red rose in a world where one has never existed.

Pink Moon (short, 17 mins)

In a society where heterosexuals are persecuted and abortion is forbidden, two teens are forced to hide an unintended pregnancy.


Gay Over (short, 8 mins)

If only life had a reset button like video games and you could start over anytime.


Gideon’s Cross (short, 7 mins)

In the battle-den of iniquity, we’ve all got a cross to bear. This is Gideon’s.


A Bitter Pill (short, 7 mins)

A young man visits a health clinic worried his first sexual experience has gotten him a disease. He is offered a choice that will alter his future forever.


Happy Birthday Chad (short, 12 mins)

Today is Chad’s birthday and his out-of-town boyfriend Marc has mailed him a gift. Soon after, Chad’s lover Billy arrives to deliver a package of his own. Chad soon discovers that this birthday may not have the happy ending that he was expecting and that his cheating ways may finally come back to bite him!


(h/t Queerty)


(1) I have not watched any of these films yet, so I can not speak to whether they are ‘good’ pieces of cinema. UPDATE: I’m watching them now and adding my commentary for each in the comments.


(2) Sign-up is fairly easy. You enter your e-mail. They e-mail you a code. You input the code and create a password.

(3) I’m located in the US, so I’m not sure if folks outside the US will be able to access this content.

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