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Outlander S4E1: “America The Beautiful”

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Anyone watching Outlander season 4? Having a new young’un means I can’t do a full recap, but how about a discussion post? Come comment about the episode!


Claire and Jamie are immigrants - Claire for a second time, I suppose - who are looking to make a new life in America (provided they find land suitable enough to take the Governor’s offer). But America is not going to make it easy on them...or should I say, Stephen Bonnet isn’t going to make it easy on them.

Let the record show that I hate Stephen Bonnet.

Let the record show that I LOVE ROLLO. I want to give him all the treats.

This season doesn’t feel like normal Outlander to me yet. The closest it got for me was when Jamie gave Claire that surgeon’s kit thingie. I suppose the first episode of the season is going to feel like a lot of setup, but...I dunno, maybe because Claire didn’t have as much to do? I didn’t feel as excited to be watching it as I thought I would.


What did y’all think?

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