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Oye como va!

So, I am officially off for the day and decided to just head home. I might catch a quick catnap, but I wanted to share a few things.

First off kiddos, a_blackpanther told me about Cabin Pressure, a BBC Radio Series (which features the awesome Benedict Cumberbatch), I have thrown it in a folder in my Google Drive along with Deep Trouble (another radio series). I decided I wanted copies on my personal laptop, so I had Google zip the files up and send me a link for download. EDIT: Updated link that shouldn't give anyone issues can be found here. You may or may not have to download each mp3 separately though. Not sure, but it'll definitely work. EDIT 2: a_blackpanther all lowercase! : )

Secondly, I know some of you dig the tunes I and spaced99 and others throw up randomly. If you aren't aware of it already, check out KCRW, an independent NPR station that plays some amazing tunes. That link is directly to the listen now part of the site, currently tunes are playing. The host on Saturday afternoons is awesome! I highly recommend checking it out when she's on the air. I know before 10 AM CST it's NPR news programming, not sure of the schedule, but like I said tunes are playing right now. You name it they play it and I can't gush enough over how awesome it is. You can hear Leonard Cohen one song and The Kills the next and something else completely different after that. And the amazing part is how well it flows together! It's not like, "Wait, what the hell? How'd you go from that to this to something else?!" Not at all like that, it just flows together perfectly. (Link to the main page of the site itself can be found here.)


And that's all I got for you guys right now. Have fun enjoying the series and the tunes!

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