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Packing the Library

So my house is recently been put up for sale as I am moving "North of the Wall" (Super Northern Canada, BOOOOO). And in the process, I had to declutter my books, because apparently no one wants to buy a house that has STACKS OF BOOKS EVERYWHERE! I packed them into five areas:

1) the library for showings: This is where collections went so that we'd look like collectors instead of readers.


2) the nightstand: this is where a handful of books went, originally I had one there but the realtor added a few when he came over to take pictures, so who am I to judge?

3) The basement in a storage box. Non collections and just random books I cannot part with that will be moving North of the Wall with me.

4) My friends' Library. This way they are still in the family but they are sadly not coming with me

5) Donations. I'm not reading it ever again, and I have to get rid of something.....


So after all of this, I went to sleep and had AWFUL dreams about the characters in each of the books from areas 3-5 that were all "Why don't you love us anymore?!?!" "Why didn't we get to stay on the shelves?!?!" It was horrendous and really vivid... And now I feel really bad for those books... Except for the Sookie Stackhouse series... That one can go still.

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