Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So around the world today various nations will be having parades and parties with huge costumes and loud and vibrant music, as part of the celebration known as Mardi Grais.

In Britain* we've got Pancake Day.

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Which is better, objectively, because you may have spotted it contains the word "pancake".

An annually shifting festival in which people up and down the land join together in an act of simple but deceptively tricky cookery and eating until they feel slightly unwell.


So what is all this about then?

Potted history…

Well, although now largely known for the glory that is Pancake Day, today (March 4th this year) is also Shrove Tuesday, the day prior to the beginning of Lent in Christianity. Although many people still give up something for the period of Lent, traditionally it was a time of fasting, meaning that some food items, which could not be consumed during lent but would not survive it's duration unspoilt would need using up the night before, like milk and eggs…two of the main ingredients in pancakes.


Potted recipie…

BOOM PANCAKES! http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/h…

"But surely that is a Crepe?" I hear someone say


No that's a pancake, whist I'm not going to pretend that the difference betwixt crepe and pancake isn't a little semantic there are a couple of differences. The batter mix for pancakes is usually a smidge thicker than that for crepes, and crepes are often made with buckwheat flour where as pancakes are always made with plain white.

Also because we say so.

"Deceptively tricky"? It's a pancake!

Yes, but tossing:

Many have fallen to this challenge; some simply give up and revert to a spatula, others absentmindedly use that special cast-iron pan that can go in the oven forgetting that it weighs about 6 pounds, and many will simply fall to Yvette Fielding levels of pancake tossing incompetence**.


Pancake Racing



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So what are you, collected Anglos* and Anglophiles filling your pancakes with this March 4th (ignoring for the moment that the correct answer is lemon and sugar)?

Strawberries and cream?

Nutella and banana?

Honey and apple?

Speculoos and chocolate buttons?

Something savoury because you are a monster?

Share in the comments!

*and Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Go Team!

**that one's for you, British people who were kids in the 90's.

Note: I composed this post before the one on Gawker cropped up, which shockingly suggests Americans join in with this custom by eating the exact same type of pancake they do for the rest of the year, which shall not stand frankly.

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