Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Pandas. I Just Want Pandas.

While I am stuck on hold for what seems an ungodly amount of time with the WORST MUZAK EVER, GOD. Central, get it together! I have websites to peruse!

Anyhoo, my mind started wandering and I remembered there are pandas at the Toronto Zoo. There are pandas in the same freaking city that I am in. And I haven't seen them yet! This is a gross injustice.

So let's look at them, shall we?

Er-Shun (Male)


Da Mao (Female)


The hope is that they will get it on and make baby pandas. BABY. PANDAS. If that happens I might actually just collapse in some sort of cute-coma. It will be an Acute Cute Coma.

Bonus, they came on the Fed-Ex Panda Express!


And I fully acknowledge that we sold our soul to China for the pandas and I don't care.

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