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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Pandora Is Back and Yeah, It’s Still Bad

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Thanks to the pandemic Pandora, the worst show of last summer, has been bumped up to a fall show on the CW. The second season premiere had several changes to the show but also kept the worst element.


Some mild spoilers for the new season below.

The new season picks up about six months after the end of last season. Jacqueline “Jax” Zhou and the alien Ralen are still cadets at the Fleet Training Academy, a military academy where no one wears a uniform, but their friends and fellow cadets from last season are gone with less interesting replacements. Jax’s boyfriend Xander has been promoted to captain and given command of his own ship. Jax and Ralen blow off days of class at a time to go on missions with Xander, who obviously isn’t instructing anymore at the Academy.


It looks like this season will be more space oriented. The Academy was always the weakest part of the show to me. It’s a CW show so I get that they need young pretty people having young pretty people drama. But the pivot to space may improve the show.

The first season of Pandora was bad and the new season may not be much of an improvement. But maybe the show can rise to at least the level of Star Trek: Discovery (yeah, I know that’s a low bar).

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