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Parental Discipline in the House of Hatrack

We were sitting at the dinner table and the cats were being especially pushy and obnoxious so I went and got the water bottle for Mrs. Hatrack who was the main target of their attentions. After dinner, WinnieTheWoot asked if I minded clearing the table for her.

Since she's still feeling the effects of the stomach bug that swept through the house this past weekend, I told her that I would if she would grab a paper towel and wipe up the bit of garlic and oil that she had spilled on the floor. Mrs. Hatrack (who has a very bad back and balance issues) said she would take care of it.


I told her "No, you don't do things on the floor. You used to do things on the floor, but not anymore."

WinnieTheWoot then told me "Bad Dad!" and shot me in the head with the water bottle.

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