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Parents charged after diabetic teenager dies of starvation

In May of 2013, paramedics were called to the Radita household where 15 year old Alex had stopped breathing. They were horrified by what they found. Alex weighed only 37 pounds and had severe bedsores. His face had black spots where the tissue was necrotic. One paramedic said he was so thin he looked mummified.

When asked, the parents accounted for his condition by claiming he had had a month long bout of diarrhea and saying he has been diagnosed with diabetes the month before. This was a lie. He had been diagnosed with diabetes at the age of three, and his mother had refused to accept the diagnosis. From the age of three, he was hosptialized multiple times due to his parents’ resistance to treating his disease properly. His mother actually told Doctors she didn’t want to give him insulin because she thought it gave him cold sores.

In October of 2003 he was taken to hospital in “grave condition” necessitating a 2 1/2 month hospital stay. At the end of his stay British Columbia Social Services placed him in Foster care. After a year, the organization applied for permanent guardianship on the grounds that his parents were refusing to accept his medical condition. Unfortunately, a judge decided to send him back to his parents, on the condition he have regular Doctor visits. The judge also noted that Alex was now school age, so his teachers could keep an eye on his condition and report if anything started to go wrong.


For the next three years, Alex went on regular Doctor visits, and his health stabilized. His file was closed. Then in July 2008 he missed his Doctor’s appointment. Attempts to track down the family failed. They had withdrawn him from school and moved, leaving no forwarding address.

Turns out they had moved to Alberta, and from that move in 2008 until his death in 2013, Alex did not go to the Doctor. Nor did he go to school, as his parents opted to homeschool.

I just can’t fathom this. Their kid nearly dies, they have him taken from them, he comes back healthy. They watch his health improve for three years and then what? Decide that they liked him better as a skeleton, and decide to stop medical treatment? Then they watch him deteriorate to the point that he weighs less than he did when he was hospitalized ten years earlier?

This poor, poor kid.

I really want to hear the parents’ Defense. What could they have possibly be thinking, denying that their kid had diabetes?


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