On this week’s Face Off the three finalists are tasked with creating movie characters much like last year’s finale. It’s only the first half of the finale so no one is crowned yet. But we still get a good look at what each finalist is doing and how well they handle the challenge. Results (sort of) ahead.

Joining McKenzie Westmore to introduce the finale challenge is producer Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions, which brought us the Paranormal Activity and Purge movies (as well as Syfy’s Ascension). Three young directors each have a script adapted from a short story “Hellhole” and each finalist will work with a director to create a demon and a possessed character.

i(L-R) Team Rob (Rob, Kaleb and Anna), Team Walter (Walter, Mel and Robert), Team Melissa (Melissa, Yvonne and Johnny)

Once again the finalists choose previously eliminated contestants to form teams. And as with last season’s finale the first part of the finale culminates in a camera test to see how the creatures look on screen. The finalists will have an opportunity to fix and fine tune their designs before the actual movie shoot.


Team Walter has the best screen test. His director Ryan Spindell likes what he sees and only has minor suggestions for Walter. I wouldn’t have expected it a few weeks ago but Walter stepped up brought his A game. He also has a good team. Robert understands his subordinate role and has curbed his quirkiness to create Walter’s version of things.


Team Melissa has some work to do after their camera test with director John Wynn. Her demon looks like it’s lactating instead of oozing oil. She will redo the chest pieces for both characters.


Team Rob has the hardest time with their director Bryce McGuire. The director’s ideas call for Team Rob to basically redo the entire designs. The team has a lot of work to do before the actual shoot.

One issue I see with the finale is that unlike last season with a single director evaluating and giving feedback from a single perspective, we have three different people with different perspectives and visions of what they want giving feedback. So the question in my mind is whether a different director would have been as pleased with Walter’s work or as critical of the others.


There was no mention of a last minute twist but we’ll see next week if the show manages to throw one in.

Guest mentor Lois Burwell, Michael Westmore and McKenzie Westmore

As always, you can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here. Images in this post via screencap and the Syfy website.