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Patton Oswalt's take on Gotham is dead on

You'd think from this initial tweet that Patton thinks the show sucks. He doesn't. But he has a real clear idea on how it should be structured: focus on Penguin.


I find this angle on Gotham absolutely brilliant. If the story is about the corrosion of the city as it rots from within, the focus should be on the corrosive elements. I firmly believe were this show to have been done by HBO or AMC the criminals would have been front and center, not Jim Gordon. Bruce Wayne might be seen but very, very sparingly. Bruce Wayne's presence in FOX's Gotham is most likely going to feel extremely tedious over time and, especially for Batman fans, the suspension of belief will become increasingly tenuous as the story evolves.

I like how Patton frames a Penguin-oriented Gotham in terms of a film noir where the heart of the drama comes from the way Copplepot manipulates the two detectives to suit his nefarious needs. We still would see many of the same story elements we are seeing now but they would be refracted in a much more satisfactory way. The writers can still tell the tale of how the city's last good cop became so desperate he came to rely on a masked vigilante for help, but the meat of the piece should be the story of a hideous monster climbing the rungs of the criminal underworld and accumulating power.


Throughout his tweets, Patton rightfully praises Robin Lord Taylor who plays Gotham's fledging Penguin masterfully, going so far as to say that his performance is so powerful it will most likely demand a retcon to the books. We shall see!

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