Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I don't know if there isn't going to be a recap of this past Tuesday's episode because Annalee is planning to do a full recap of the 3-episode arc, or if she just wasn't able to get to it, but I just wanted to say, as much as I'm dreading the upcoming episodes because of the "a hero will fall" stuff, this arc got off to a great start!

Carter did such a great job stealing the show and being a total bad ass, I can forgive that Bear was only on for a quick scene with Reese suggesting Finch get him a bullet proof doggie-vest.

Since I'm by no means critical about anything I watch, I'll just skip to the highlights, that I can still remember.


- Carter playing it cool with Alonzo Quinn, even after learning he's the secret leader of HR, and meeting him for coffee so she can pair his phone. He should have taken a page out of Captain Renard's book (on Grimm) and kept a separate phone for his HR dealings in his desk.

- Carter setting up HR by borrowing some ordinance from Shaw and hijacking the Russians' drug truck, right after they refused to pay HR more protection money.

- Carter then setting up the Russians by taking shots at Quinn, right when he boasts that the they wouldn't try anything against him.

- Carter holding the new record of being responsible for the biggest set of numbers the machine sends to Finch.


- Carter being smart enough to have sent her son someplace safe, and get back up when she needs it. After she said she vetted which judges to get the arrest warrant from, and then the one she called went right to Quinn, I thought she chose wrong. But thinking about it more, maybe she knew he was on HR's payroll and wanted him to call Quinn so she could get a full recorded confession instead of just the signed one from the Russian. Reese and Shaw showing up was a great moment.

Yep, it was all about Carter and she was great. Also looks like Elias is out of the basement now, and good to see Carter use the Russian's brother as her way to get him to sign the confession. Also nice that she left Fusco out because of his past association with HR and not wanting to put him in danger, hopefully that all works out in the next 2 episodes...

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