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Haven't seen a review on io9 yet for this episode (or Supernatural), not that I blame them, there's a lot of genre TV this season, but I wanted to gush about how great the cold open for this week's Person of Interest was. So here's my fanboy review where I won't have anything bad to say.

The opener featured Bear, working undercover with Finch and Reese, to help a POI who is a veterinarian about to be robbed for drugs. And he ends up with a nice reward for his work.


The main story was pretty interesting too, with a prosecuting attorney suspected in the drowning death of her husband, a criminal defense attorney (but somehow they make it work, or at least they did). It turns out she was helping him fake his death, and they were going to run off together with some insurance payout. But then he framed her for it, so he could run off with her best friend (but not forever) who he was cheating on her with. At the end, Reese leaves them both armed on their boat to deal with each other and 2 gunshots are heard as he calmly walks away.

Highlights of the episode for me:
- a lawyer being held on suspicion letting the detective give away everything he has before figuring out what she needs to do

- getting a brick of coke from someone she put away, but then helped get released early, to plant on a witness to the murder she was framed for, to discredit him

- Dog still being more loyal to the guy who found him and gave him a home, even though he's making lot of friends. While Shaw is playing with him, once Reese enters the library he runs over to greet him, and Shaw has betrayal face.


- Shaw wanting to stab the guy at the bank for being slow on his computer. Who hasn't wanted to do that at some point. Also, we need more Shaw and Fusco team-ups

- Didn't take long for Carter's new partner to reveal himself (to us anyway) as an HR mole


- The ending, with Reese letting the two scumbag lawyers kill each other was reminiscent of the episode where the doctor was poisoned and he served the same poison to the man behind it all. I like that even though he usually aims for the kneecaps, he's not overly concerned with the bad guys staying alive. I like that about this show.

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