Good news for fans of Person of Interest (and I imagine the people involved in the show). Despite CBS being half-stupid and only renewing this awesome show for a short 13 episode 5th season instead of a full 22, the show has gone into syndication and will be airing on WGN weeknights in September.

And their president seems to have a good appreciation for the show. The quote below is from The Hollywood Reporter (full story in the link).

Person of Interest is a fantastic show with a top-notch creative team behind it, and we are excited to be the exclusive syndicated cable home for the show as we continue to transform WGN America into a destination for quality premium content,” said Matt Cherniss, president and general manager of WGN America and Tribune Studios.

Also to be on WGN is the only other hour long show I’ve been watching on CBS, Elementary.

And to announce what they’re calling “Prime Crime”, WGN put out a fun commercial that shows that Harold will always have John’s back, no matter what.

The other good thing is WGN is a basic cable channel, and is usually included even with “basic limited” packages that generally only include the major broadcast networks, so it won’t cost you too much either.