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Person of Interest Season 5 & Complete Series Available on Blu-Ray! (US and probably Canada)

The complete season 5 of Person of Interest, a show that was way too good for CBS, and one of the best shows on TV in the past decade (my post, my opinion), is now available on Blu-ray (and DVD), which means so is the complete series, but I recommend getting each season separately. Quick note: this is probably just for the US & Canada (they have the same region setting for Blu-ray) and my recommendation may only apply to the US. The Amazon links will be for the US store.

But first, on the cover of the season 5 set is a quote of praise for the show, from none other than CJA from her post on the final season. The blurb on the cover is taken from part of the 1st and 3rd paragraphs.


The complete season 5 Blu-ray is available through where ever you might usually buy your Blu-rays, including Amazon.

As mentioned, you can also get the complete series on Blu-ray. But the set doesn’t seem to include anything more than just a convenient collection of all 5 seasons, which cost less to buy individually.

Complete series - $122.94 (as of 7/20/16)

Season 1 - $25.18, Season 2 - $20.79, Season 3 - $20.12, Season 4 - $11.99, Season 5 - 29.99 (as of 7/20/16), for a total of $108.07. That season 4 price drop is probably the main reason, but the reduced prices on 2 & 3 also factor in.


And here’s where it gets annoying if you like everything complete. Seasons 4 and 5, being more recent, include a Digital HD copy of each season that you can redeem through the Ultraviolet service (and then view on Vudu, Flixster Video, CinemaNow, etc.). But the Blu-rays of seasons 1-3 currently being sold do not include this. And the Complete Series set doesn’t mention anything so I’d assume they don’t either (not even for seasons 4 or 5).

So if you want a digital copy of the first 3 seasons, you’ll need to get the “multi-format” edition, which will also be more expensive and possibly not available directly from Amazon, although some of their 3rd party sellers still qualify for Prime shipping.


Season 1 - Multi-format. Lowest price listed is $36.94 (w/shipping). This will include Blu-ray, DVD and Digital DH. There are a few sellers to choose from, some that offer Prime shipping. If you pick one described as new and still sealed, the redemption code should still be included.

Season 2 -Multi-format. This is the priciest one at $53.98 (w/shipping). Also includes Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. There’s only one seller for this one and it’s a lot more pricey than the Blu-ray only edition you can get direct from Amazon.


Season 3 - Multi-format. Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD. Listed as $20.12.

So going this route will cost you a total of around $153, and may not be worth it to you. And the redemption codes included with the sets in the link will be US only.


Unfortunately, there’s a chance the version actually being sold isn’t the one listed, probably because Amazon doesn’t do a great job of making sure with the seller that the actual item matches the description. I experienced this with season 3, where I clicked on what was listed as the multi-format Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD, but what I got was just the Blu-ray. The return policy was pretty easy - UPS will show up with the return label, so you just need a box, and to print out the return form to include inside. And I ended up getting the actual edition I wanted from Best Buy, but they don’t have it anymore... :( So hopefully that link above is good. You can also try contacting the seller, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get a reply. For what it’s worth, the current seller listed for season 3 is different from when I ordered it, so maybe this has been fixed.

Or if you’re trying to save shelf space and aren’t into the physical media thing, you can just buy the season on Vudu, Google Play, or iTunes, but since seasons 1-4 are $34.99 each, and season 5 is $29.99 (or $22.99 if you go with SD), it would cost less to get the Blu-ray + Digital HD editions. So unless you really want to save some shelf space, going digital only is not a good deal.


So go use your money to support a great show and maybe make CBS regret not continuing it (or not, up to you), and buy seasons 1-5 on Blu-ray or DVD, and if you’re a completist and can afford to spend a bit more, get the seasons 1-3 editions that also include the digital copy.

You can probably also show support by watching the series on Netflix, but I wanted to get the digital copy of each season in case the show ends up leaving Netflix.


It’s time for us to do the watching.

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