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Person of Interest Season Finale or more like HOLY SHIT THAT HAPPENED

You know a lot of you said to me last week I was crazy to say this show had jumped the shark. Well you were right I was wrong. Oh so so wrong. SPOILERS


The trial went along as could be with Collier bringing in press and ordinary citizens to act asjury he kidnapped to judge the government. The only part of this that I really loved was Control and how she took down Collier for what he was, a terrorist. But because Collier was going to kill her, Harold confessed to building the Machine. Michael Emerson continues to astound me with the nuance he plays Harold. And for a moment I really thought he had divulged his secrets to the world. But I realized that the feeds the Machine was seeing all had Rylatech, which is a front for Decima. So I knew that Decima was involved somehow.

And I was right! Earlier in the seasonwhen Northern Lights got leaked and shut down I guessed that Decima were the ones behind Vigilance all along to cripple our Machine and make way for theirs. Although I disagreed with him I felt really bad for Collier as he realized he was nothing more than a pawn in Greer's long con to get Samaritan online. And when he realized he would be responsible for a new system coming online. But Greer's villainous sneer at Finch and Collier as he revealed the truth made the moment so much more satisfying. So as Vigilance as his scapegoat Greer blew up a building blaming them to incentivize Control and the Senator to give him the feeds needed to run Samaritan. Hersh sadly died trying to stop the bombing while Reese saved Finch. I loved the pairing of these two because they played so well of each other.

On Root's side of the story she infiltrated one part of Samaritan's brain, apparently there are facilities like that one around the world all making it run faster and better. Shaw was so adorable when she ran to help Root once she realized she had no backup. Again the writers are fucking with us Shoot shippers, because there was so much flirting and long glances I squeed. Anyway Root got into the facility and installed her servers. But they didn't upload some virus that would take down Samaritan, it was too late for that. Root flat our confirmed that because they didn't kill that congressman Samaritan was coming online regardless of what anyone did.

The climax of the episode wasn't really the bombing but the rise of Samaritan and what Root did to save our gang. The servers gave Samaritan a blind spot to the seven people (the machine gang and Root's ragtag group of coders) that could be a resistance. The catch was they all have to be living a predetermined ordinary life that will not bring attention to themselves. . The closing monologue was truly chilling as she recounted how people became numbers and failing to save the world. It is hard not to argue with her as we saw how Samaritan classifies people:


This raises an interesting point. With the Machine, people were watched yet they were free to an extent. However, with Samaritan anyone person that is a threat to it and Decima's plans must be eliminated. Greer's plan to make an AI our overlord that dictates who lives and dies has come true and it is turned the Machine gang into resistance fighters.


The biggest question I have is what is Machine's plan to fight Samaritan? Will it talk to it, what would that even look like? It doesn't seem that Samaritan even knows that another AI is running alongside it. I will admit that when Greer asked Samaritan what were it commands for us I got chills. This show just went full cyberpunk scifi.


The library destroyed, the gang separated, and Samaritan the future on POI is bleak as fuck. I have to give it to Jonah Nolan and his crew every season finale they turn the show upside down and leave me speechless with how they are going to continue next.

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