So i just finished watching yesterday's ep.20 and all I can think is, is it just me or is TV show one of the all-time greats? I mean, even its weakest parts (mostly the HR arc, imo) were fairly superior to most everything else out there... *SPOILERS!!*

So things took a dark turn; a step right on the edge of the abyss, you might say. Root has been looked at askance by the Machine Gang for her more 'religious' attachment to the Machine but this episode also showed that their relationship with the Machine has long since become one almost of (blind? reasoned?) faith as well.

What happens when your beacon of light 'asks' you to cross a line that basically typified the entire growing conflict you had been engaged in. It was the other side that killed. Northern Lights did it for Country. Vigilance are doing it for Freedom. Decima are going to do it for Money.

Now the Machine has asked them to kill. For Survival. And you can see how it shook everything they built their operation on. Shaw and Reece are obviously slightly more practical about it but they are buffered by their past careers and that their faith in the Machine is merely a by-proxy of their faith in Harold.


Finch says it practically every episode. He built the machine to save lives. Sure, people sometimes died in the effort, but the effort was always about saving life. Now his creation has given him a mission to kill. Basically, with that old chestnut of killing one to save many. Spock, you gotta lot to answer for!

I thought they did it and you know, I think was just as gutted in my own way, despite my constant enjoyment of Root's whiff of homicidal lunacy. Having the Machine Gang having their own 'relevant 2.0' list to put down would be pretty hard to swallow but thankfully, they stuck to their guns (if you'll pardon the expression) and left holding onto their values but clearly, at the cost of the Samaritan going on-line.


Greer is slowly becoming more interesting. I was getting a bit bored with the Smoking-Man type shtick and hope to see him more hands on which is probably a given with the Beta now running... and how cool did that interface look?


Root didn't do much of anything but perhaps she was laying the groundwork for the next episode? Was it Salt Lake City she was heading for? I cant remember but it seemed a little odd for her to just drag Shaw away only to let her go just as 'quickly'.

But we got some Shoot and that makes me smile...


Can't believe Season 3 is almost up... i'm trying to imagine how they're going to depict two artificial intelligences going up against each other. Is it going to be totally with proxy agents in the real world? Or do you reckon we'll see them fighting for control of the camera grids, servers and network distribution hubs? Where they control regions of the information grid and are locked out of others...

I love this show.