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Persona 4: The Animation - an adaptation that doesn't suck?

Well, okay, it's no Cowboy Bebob or Fullmetal Alchemist or anything like that, but it's freaking Mozart compared to most other video game adaptations.

I never actually played any of the Persona games until just recently. I did see this last year, though, and after finally playing the game, I gotta say, it does a pretty damn good job.


It follows transfer student Yu Narukami and his friends as they investigate a string of grisly murders in the small town of Inaba (that looks in no way like a small town at all in the game). They discover that all the victims were killed inside a nightmarish other world located inside of TVs. In this other world, they discover the use of their Persona's, beings of power that they can call upon to battle the deadly monsters they find there.

All the characters at first start out almost like generic stereotypes. You have the class clown, the tomboy, the popular girl, etc, but with almost every episode you see that genericness chipped away bit by bit until your left with some really good characters.

The voice acting ranges from acceptable to just flat out great. Especially Yu's VA, who delivers practically every line in a hilariously deadpan way. Seriously, I'm amazed at how they took a silent protagonist and made him such a great character.

The animation is, well, good. Nothing bad, but nothing that really stands out.

The story is a very engaging, and very enjoyable, murder mystery, but it's broken up by quite a bit of character building between the main bits. I can't really fault the anime for that though considering the game is like that as well, with long periods of character building segments with short periods of RPG segments (and the main story) in between.


In short, I think it is quite a faithful adaptation, something very rare when trying to convert video games into any other kind of medium. While it does have its problems, it's an enjoyable way to spend some down time, especially if you're a fan of the game.

Speaking of the game, I really loved it (this is the remake for the Vita). It's hilarious in its own right and the fact that I already knew what was going happen because I watched the anime didn't spoil my experience in the least.


And I'm just so FREAKING ADDICTED to collecting and fusing Personas. Even with the game being like 4/5 visual novel and 1/5 dungeon crawler I still spent hours and hours well spent just grinding up levels and getting new skills and never got bored doing it. It's so exciting to see what new Personas you can get I almost couldn't force myself to wait until my current ones learned all their skills.

If I do have one thing to complain about is that whenever you fuse you end up with weaker persona at first. Stats don't affect the fused Persona, and with stat up cards being so plentiful this really hurts if you've had the same persona for a while. But the new skills were usually worth the temporary loss of stats and I found the new ones closed the gap pretty quickly.


Gonna start New Game+ soon and try to max out all the social links now that I don't have to spend time studying to raise knowledge and courage and the like.

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